Welcome to the Middle School and Sixth Grade Science



SPEED /MOTION UNIT CONTINUES  & assessment this Friday (10th).

Weather Alert - if Friday is a half day, we will still have the quiz on Friday.  If Friday is a snow day, we will have the quiz on Monday.






Make sure you check the Homework & Events column for assignments and current homework.


Our (tentative) Agenda for the Week:

Monday Unit Plans - motion / speed


Tuesday -    Unit Plans - - motion / speed


 Wednesday -   Unit Plans - - motion / speed


Thursday -   Unit Plans - - motion / speed


Friday -   Unit Plans - - motion / speed - TEST DAY


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  1. Go to www.glencoe.com/ose/
  2. access code:   CE4D65DBD2




Once you are logged in, click on Glencoe Physical Science and begin the reading.


Teacher name: Mr. Swanson
Class/Group name: science class



A 6” x9” steno notepad OR bound composition book.  You will keep this in the classroom for daily activities