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ATTENTION. PARENTS, etc. 3.18.20


In the latest update from Dr, Vidrine, it hs been annonced that no work given during the school closure due to the covid 19 virus outbreak, will be graded nor will any be allowed to be used for extra credit work.  That said, if you will access the homework tab on this website of mine,(at left), it will take you to several outside "assignments" that I have provided for students to do.  Further instructons are provided there.





               Hello.  My name is Curt Duggins and I am a teacher at Wossman High School and have been for over two decades now. I also graduated from Wossman in 1977.  I look forward to this year and the chance to get to know your young adult as they take my class here at WHS.  I am available for conferences 1st period as well as other times by appointment.  Please contact the guidance dept. if you need to make an appointment.  I apologize in advance for my  inability to talk with you about your students' progress if you call during class time as other students may be present and it effects my ability to speak frankly about our student.  I believe, as I'm sure you do as well, that all students can learn.  However, it takes work on both the part of the teacher and the student and the parent to achieve our common goals.


This class consists of quizzes, (sometimes daily) and formal assessments,  In addition to that, we also create maps, some posters, interpet political cartoons, etc. Please help me to help your young learner by encouraging them and helping them study as time permits so that together we can achieve more for them and the school as well.  To do well in class, and on spring high stakes testing, the learner must study materials provided in class, keep up with their materials, and study  at home.


         PARENTS:  The high stakes testing for this spring has been cancelled as per instructions from the White House/La. state govenor's ffice, etc.,.....


Lastly, if you haven't taken the time to create a JPAMS account for your student, I would highly suggest doing so.  At the present, with our being out of school, it is not as important, but once regular school attendance begins, it is a very valuable tool to keep track of your students progress.  The guidance dpeartment will be glad to assist your in creating one if you are unsure about how to proceed.


       Reopening of school has been cancelled for this year as per the Governor's office.  I am working on holding ZOOM meetinmgs but I live in a heavily wooded area out in the country and the internet sevice is very poor, such time as this occurs, I will list the meetings, id, pasword,etc on this same site.,....If you have any questions please mail me at Thanks.  Stay safe!





Room 207 

WHS Phone:318.387.2932




 My schedule is as follows:


Periods 1-7  LAW Studies



About this course:  LAW Studies is a new course offering at MCSB.  It merges an  overview of US History concepts in addition to World Geography and Civics(Economics) concepts as they apply to US History.  There is no takehome text for this class.  Students will recieve notes and handouts,etc. in class they are required to keep up with and to study.



We are WILDCAT proud:  Working to improve learning and discipline with curriculum, assessments, and teaching strategies tat are evidence based.


School email address:


Class supplies:  blue or black ink pen, class notebook or binder, and colored pencils for use on mapwork.


Classroom Rules:

1)No phones or electronic devices allowed.  Please see handbook for new standards regarding this issue.

2)Students should bring materials to class daily, be on time  and be prepared to work.

3)No food or drink allowed.

4)Students should sit in their assigned seat and are not free to get up and move around the room.

5)Homework is usually found on the teachers calendar from the school website.

6)No loud talking is allowed . 

7)Students are also expected to review the school rules as they apply to the classroom as well.