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Dear Parents,
     Welcome to Pre-K! In my classroom, reading is a very important part of every day. We work on recognizing letters of the alphabet, the sounds of each letter, and putting together words. After students have mastered these skills, we work on reading sentences. We read lots of books. Students are also encouraged to read at home. Working together, we can create a love of learning and reading that will hopefully last a lifetime. Parental support is very important and appreciated.

Mrs. Susan Hopkins

** During this time of Covid-19, I will provide instruction in the classroom and online. My zoom ID is 379 985 1895 and the passcode is 5uVrTO. Important zoom times are 9:00 for ELA and 11:00 for math. I want to welcome everyone to a new kind of school year. I hope all of my students learn a lot and stay healthy. **