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Jack Rosalis
Wossman High Schools                              
1600 Arizona St.
Monroe, La. 71202
(318) 387-2932
Hello, I hope that this page will be helpful to you and your child.I will be glad to talk to you about class work and how you child is doing in class.  

Rosalis, Jack Room 228
1st  period PLANNING
2nd period U.S. History
3rd period U.S. History
4th period U.S. History
5th period U.S. History
6th period U.S. History
7th period U.S. History


Rosalis' New Google Classroom codes 

Rosalis 2nd period  classcode: ohgf2xh

Rosalis 3rd period  classcode: 2pdxihc 

Rosalis 4th period  classcode: p35cymc

Rosalis 5th  period  classcode: 3pfjfwa

Rosalis 6th  period  classcode: gs4y6m7

Rosalis 7th period  classcode: qphpgoc

Students will study the cultures of the different evens of the United States History. Each student will recieve a copy of each of the six unit of the student resources guide. They will be given the information by notes, videos, and reading assignment. They are asked to keep a notebook for class and which they need to study and go over the key notes given to them during the week. This will give them the opportunity to ask any questions in which they have about the assignments. If the students review his/her notes daily, this will help them to be better prepare for all test.