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Mrs. Tammy Mims Hopkins, M.Th.

 Choral Director & Piano Instructor




Hello! I would personal like to welcome you to the 2022-2023 Neville High School Year. It is my desire to provide you with the very best musical experiences. I believe we are going to accomplish great things and we should not settle for anything less.  I encourage you to join me and together we shall succeed in meeting our goals. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions are concerns. I can be reached during my hour planning period at 318-323-2237 ext 1261 or email me at [email protected]      




Class Schedule 

First Period                       Choir (NJH)                     7:29 - 8:18

Second Period                   Choir (NJH)                     8:22 - 9:09

Transition to Neville High School

Fourth Period                    Planning                         10:29-11:24                 

Fifth Period                       Choir                            11:28 - 12:21

Lunch                                Break                           12:21 – 12:51

Sixth Period                      Piano                              12:55 - 1:48

Seventh Period                  Piano                               1:52 – 2:45