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        "If you don't try try as hard as you can, you are wasting your life"

by Roberto Clemente

   Hello, we seem to be entering a new frontier togrther.  Believe it or not, I truly  miss you.  I miss our antics and your smiles. I am going to make some lessons availble  on google classroom for my students. I will also be using a zoom session for you so that we can keep in touch through sheltering in place.


5th grade math class code for google classroom: ln325xz

6th grade math class codefor google classroom: kuycj3l

5th grade ELA class code for google classroom:2flidmp

6th  grade ELA class code for google classroom: wvxjlmy 


Zoom classes will be Monday through 

Wednesday at 9:00am. Information is on your google classroom. 




Please rememeber you must sign in with your Monroe City Schools google account.

ex: firstname.lastname@mcschools,net

pw: lunch number and intials