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                     I pray that all of you and your families are well during this pandemic. As we are not able to  

              be face-to-face at this time, I will be teaching Science on-line via ZOOM. Also Google 

              classroom will be used as a major tool or resource. Although the class will be on-line, many of 

              the same class rules and expectations will be required. Parents, I am requesting your help in

              making sure your child logs into ZOOM on the appropriate day and time, and that all   

             homework, given is completed within the time frame given. Students, I am asking that you be 

             both respectful and appropriate with typed and spoken words in ZOOM. I look forward to seeing 

             each of your smiling faces.. Please see the contact information, google classroom codes, and 

             where to find the invite.

                                                                              CONTACT INFORMATION

                                                (318)410-1378 EXT 4853


                                                                         GOOGLE CLASSROOM CODES


                                                                        JOHNSON--------------- gg7fzml

                                                                        FLOWERS--------------- mlkfupi

                                                                        BUIE----------------------- dudy5ny

                                                                        WALLER------------------ t4fe2od

                                                                        ELLIOTT (library)------- kzk6cmm


                                *********** See the ZOOM INVITE in GOOGLE CLASSROOM*************