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     It is a pleasure to work with your children this year in MATH, SCIENCE, and SPELLING.  This year
has gotten off to a pretty good start.  I am asking for your support and assistance in whatever project
we are undertaking in the classroom.  I need your help in seeing to it that your children do their homework
and bring it to class.  It makes it easier to help them when I can see what it is that they are having trouble
     I also need your help in making sure that your child pays attention and listen in class, as opposed to
talking and playing.  As you well know, the LEAP test is coming up in March.  If the students do not pass
the test, they will have to repeat the 4th grade.  That is why it is imperitive that I have their attention when I
am teaching.
     By the same token, if you need to talk to me, you may the school and schedule an appointment.  The
telephone number is 410-1378.  If you need to speak with me before that time, you may call me at home
BEFORE 9:00 P.M.  My home telephone number is 330-9698.

                                                                                       MS. A. WALLER