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Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year! 


My name is Debbie Hamilton. This is my 21st year with MCS. I have a bachelor's degree from LSU and an M. Ed. from ULM. I am certified to teach all subjects in grades 1-8 and highly qualified to teach math and science in the upper grades.  I earned my gifted endorsement and have been teaching math to gifted students at Cypress Point, CJH, and MLK for the last seven years. Although I teach at multiple schools, Cypress Point is my home as well as my home base. I am looking forward to a new year!


We are still struggling with the pandemic, but we will continue to work and learn. I have high expectations for all students--I expect all students to complete classwork and homework, and participate in class. Nobody gets to hide in the back row!


Remind App Codes:

 CPU:  @cpugif

MLK:  @mlkgift

  CJH:  @cjhgif


Students should be encouraged to attend school well-rested with a good attitude. A positive outlook is so helpful to success.


Digital resources we will be using in Math and Math Lab include Zearn, Edulastic, Clever, InSync, Equip, and Khan Academy. All tests will be taken in Edulastic. 



Thank you for working with me to promote success in our classroom!





If you need to contact me, my email address is [email protected]