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Welcome to First Grade!



 I am looking forward to teaching your child this year! We are going to work on strengthening their ELA and Math skills over the course of the year.


Remember all information will be send out via Google classroom and the Remind app. Monday Memos will be posted in the parent communication center on the Google classroom each week. Please make sure to check each week for information on test as well as any other announcements. The login information will be avaliable as soon as all students have been entered into our system. Look for an information sheet to come home soon!


Testing this year will be a little different. Some test will be pencil/paper test and some will be given through Clever or Google. This will help should the need arise to go virtual as students will be fimilar with how to access everything they need to continue.


All students usernames and passwords will already be set for your child. Please DO NOT change any of the passwords or log in information as we need to be able to access these account to troubleshoot problems.


In first grade ALL parents are required to join Remind. This app allows us to get information out to parents quickly. You will receive the information on how to sign up in your child's folder. Please note that I may not always be avaliable to respond to messages after school hours. 


Please reach out if you have any questions. I may not be able to check Remind and emails multiple times a day but I will return your messages in a timely manner. Please call the school if the message needs an immediate response. I look forward to a fantastic frist grade year!



Students must have an average of a 75/C in both Reading and Math to be promoted to second grade.