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 Welcome back to school!  It is going to be a new and different year that I hope we can navigate together.  Working together is the best way to ensure that we have an awesome year despite the changes we have had to make due to Covid.  


This year, we will be putting most things on Google classroom whether your student is virtual or F2F.  We will have notes, Monday Memos and information posted in the Classroom Information portion of Google instead of sending this information home on paper.  Please take time to check this daily for important information.


Each subject has a place to access it on Google classroom.  If you are virtual you will need to log on to Google at 9:00 for ELA Monday-Friday, 11:00 for Math Monday-Friday, and 1:00 for Social Living on Tuesday and Thursday.  We will be taking roll because these virtual classes are mandatory!  If you are not virtual, you can still look at the assignment for the day to keep abreast of what is happening.


Please do NOT change any passwords or login information on your child's account.  We need to be able to access their these from school should any problems arise.   




Very Important Information
A-- 100-93
B--  92-85
C--  84-75
D--  74-67
F--  66-0


You may e-mail questions or comments to me at either my school account: or at my home account:  Please do not e-mail anything that has to do with how your child gets home as I may not have time during the school day to check my mail.  Also, if you have questions that need immediate response, call the school and I will return your call as soon as possible.  The school number is 322-8976.

Remember that all first grade students must maintain a 75/C in both Math and Reading to be promoted to the second grade.

Character is what you do when nobody is looking!!!