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Pre-K Is Where My Heart Is!!!
Please check your child's folder and initial daily.

If you send your child to school with a jacket or sweatshirt please write their name in it.


Please help your child write their name and identify each letter.  Don't forget to read to your child as often as you can!!


By the end of this school year your child will be expected to know at least 26 of the 52 letters of the alphabets (upper & lower case).  It is very important that you work with your child nightly on this skill.  Some things to do: flash cards, practice the letters in their whole name nightly, make the letters using play-doh. Your help is greatly appreciated as your child’s education depends on you!



Words to Know
I, a, the, is, see, like, my, and, can, today, me, he, she, we, you, to, it, at, do, in, of his, go, on, are, him, say, this, that, has, have, for, what, want


FYI: Remember if you need me feel free to call, email, or use Remind.

Be prepared
Act responsibly
Respect all
Keep safe