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      Our current Research Lab Instructional Framework in ARC CORE is Zoology.  The students have learned the difference between living and non-living things.  They've catorgorized animals as wild or domestic animals.  They've discussed zoo, farm, and animals that can be pets.  They have learned the characteristics of mammals and birds.  They've discussed their life cycles.  They will continue in the unit to learn the characterics and life cycles of reptiles, amphibians, and fish.

     In Readers' Workshop, students are learning how to keep the stem when reading books, using initial consonant sounds to determine the unknown word in the sentence and matching it to the picture, how to track correctly, and recognizing new power words.

     In Fast Track Phonics, students have learned most of the letters.  They can read and write the letter sounds.  They can also stretch and read CVC words.  

     In Eureaka Math, the students have been exploring the numbers 1-10.