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Hello Parents,


Check out the resources on the left of my homepage for reading options for your kids - especially while they are at home.



***SORA is great for the 2nd through the 5th-grade set.  3rd - 5th has already been trained to use it.  2nd grade will be soon!  It is one-stop-shopping for 3 libraries' worth of ebooks.  


***ONEAccess uses a student's CMS student ID to give access to all the resources of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library.  K and 1st graders will enjoy Tumblebooks.  It can be found under the  Ebooks & More tab, then in the E-books and Magazines ribbon.  Just click an arrow until you find it.  Parents of these grade levels will have to click on Account at the top of the page and follow the prompts to claim your child's account using their CMS student ID.




Once you learn to read, you will be forever free. - Frederick Douglas 



Mission Statement

The mission of the Sharon Elementary Media Center is to provide a comprehensive program that incorporates the curriculum, a well-developed collection, and current technology while maintaining a focus on literacy. This program strives to enable students to be effective users of information and ideas while developing a love of diverse reading and lifelong learning.


Checkout Procedures and Policies will change temporarily while students learn from home and will be forthcoming.  Disregard the information below until we return to on-campus learning.


Book Returns and Renewals

All student library books must be brought to the Media Center by their media day, whether for return or renewal. Students can log onto their Destiny accounts to be reminded of what they may have checked out and due dates.  Renewals are to be brought in with students during Media time or Independent Checkout.

Lost or Damaged Books
Periodically, notices will be sent home for overdue or damaged books.  Remember, students can always log onto Destiny for an update of their account. Your assistance in the development of responsible students helps to support our Sharon School Guidelines.


Independent Checkout

Independent checkout is available during school hours.  At the beginning of the year, 2nd - 5th grade students will learn independent checkout procedures.  Encourage your students to take advantage of this time! Together, let's help our students maintain their enthusiasm for reading- both pleasure and informational.


Media Volunteers (Merry Media Mavens)

"Many hands make light work." The Merry Media Mavens know that truer words were never spoken! The efforts of these fine folks are what keep Sharon's Media Center the tidy place that it is. In order to maintain the status quo, they offer their time to shelve books, straighten up, create displays, process new materials, etc. If you are interested in joining the fun, please contact Camilla Mazzotta.