Mrs. Claire's Fourth Grade Class



The state has made 4th grade a high stakes testing year. That means your child must pass their classes AND make a basic on 2 subjects on the LEAP test. (ELA, Math, Social Studies are tested.) Your child must attend summers school to pass 4th grade if they did not pass their course work. You will have to pay for that class or those classes. You will find out about mid-June if your child passes LEAP. IF they did not pass you will be informed. Your child will then have to attend LEAP summer school for 1 week in July in order to pass. 


It takes all three to have success in school and life. We need to work together or education does not work. A child's future is in our hands. Some lessons are easy and some are hard. We can learn from them and move on or be stuck in a rut going no where.

 I teach ELA and social studies. Mrs. Koch teaches math and science.

 If you need to contact me you can call the school at 337-369-6120, email me  at   or send a note with your child in the return side of the folder. Be sure to tell your child it is there or I may not get it. If I have not answered by the second day, please contact me again. I may have gotten over loaded and forgotten about it. You are important to me! 

      SIGNED PAPERS AND CONDUCT CARDS GO HOME ON TUESDAYS. IF NOT YOU WILL RECEIVE A NOTE FROM ME! Students have 2 days to return the signed papers (more if you send a note telling me when I will get them back). Recess will be lost until I receive signed papers. C letters (about conduct) or any other behavior paper is due the very next day unless you send a signed note. I don't think we will need many of those if we work together in a partnership.

      My free time is Monday - Thursday from 8:15-8:45. If you need to call that would be the best time. I have duty before school. If you call the office and leave your number I will call between 3:25-3:40 or during my free time. 

   Parent Command Center: go to my links on the side of this page or to  Click on the Parent Command center (on the left side of the page). Register as a new user. Fill out all the information. The PSN number is the last 5 digits of your child's social security number.  You will then enter your own username and password. YOU MUST REMEMBER YOUR OWN USERNAME AND PASSWORD BECAUSE WE CAN NOT GET IT BACK  FOR YOU.