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 I am excited for the new year to begin and eagerly look forward to the new possibilities and opportunities for learning.



Welcome to SpringBoard Math for Geometry. In this course, students will read, analyze, and solve right-angle and trigonometric functions within contextual situations. They will investigate characteristics of triangles, quadrilaterals, and circles and will extend their knowledge of two-dimensional figures to three-dimensional figures. Some activities provide direct instruction, while others ask students to study real-world settings to learn math concepts and how they are used in daily life.


Please note that the prerequisite for Geometry is Algebra I,  this prerequisite is essential to your student's success in Geometry.  Many algebra concepts are utilized often in geometry and all of our higher level math classes.



Also, all students taking this class are required to take the Geometry LEAP 2025 state assessment and the grade is applied to 20% of the student’s total average for the semester. 


In any math class, students will be expected to be working at school and at home in order to fully understand the more advanced concepts. You can expect your son/daughter to have HOMEWORK EVERY NIGHT. If your son/daughter needs extra help with his/her homework or simply has a question, there is always a math teacher available in the morning or afternoon (according to the tutoring schedule - posted on my website) I usually get to school around 7:00am.  You can expect homework grades to be entered weekly, to help you keep track of your child's progress.  Each homework assignment is worth 3 points and I do give partial credit, therefore if the weekly grade is out of 9 and he/she received a 6/9, they didn't complete one of the homework assignments that week.


I have many expectations for my students and hard work is one of them.  I firmly believe that the best education will take place when the parents, students, and teachers work together as a team.  With that in mind, feel free to contact me by email at Together we can ensure that your child is successful in school this year.