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Mme Val. ElementaryTeacher of the year Region IV


Thank you to my first grade colleagues for nominating me !






                 Thank you to the Cecilia Primary Staff

for voting me

Cecilia Primary Teacher of the year

2014 !

I am touched and honored ♥



I proudly received the title of

Louisiana Foreign language Teacher of the year

during the annual LFLTA Conference,

in Lafayette, on March 2nd.


A huge thank you to:

Jeanne Guidroz

Mr. Melancon (Scout's Dad)


Mr. Al Blanchard

for their letters of recommendation !




       I have been honored to receive the title of




at the Red Carpet Gala




St. Martin Parish.


A very special heartfelt thank you to Dr. Lottie Beebe !











Au Sujet Du Professeur      

I was born and raised in France.
I have a University degree in English. I acquired my teaching diploma in France, where I taught for 11 years before flying to Louisiana in 1999 for a two year contract...

Looks like something trapped my heart here : ) !
I went back to France for the school year 2008-2009 called back by the
French Ministry of Education.
I missed Louisiana so much, I asked to come back
and my wish was granted...


Mission Pour La Classe

My goal number one is having my students 
happy to come to school.
I want them to learn having fun.
I wish that in a close future they will be bilingual and ready to travel all over the world.

      My family calls me .
When my Mom calls me
Valérie, I know I am in
trouble !