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                       Le Conseil pour le Développement du Français en Louisiane  


                                        in cooperation with

                                    Louisiana Public Broadcasting



                                Télévision Française de L'Ontario      


                      is proud to announce 14 hours weekly program of

                      award-winning French language children's programming:            

                                     Monday through Friday  




                                 8:00-9:00am and 2:00-3:00pm

                          Here is a link to LPB's web page for content;

            It provides information on the programs, time, and intended audience:


                                 These programs air on LPB2.


                             In the entire Lafayette area, LPB2

                           can be seen on Cox Cable Channel #122


                                 Antenna Channel #24.2


                                    Lusfiber Channel 19





                      Students may participate in


                               EVERY Friday.

                                  Students must wear uniform bottoms


                       a Cecilia Primary spirit shirt purchased from school.

             No other Cecilia shirts will be permitted only Cecilia Primary shirts.

                       The pink shirts sold for breast cancer awareness

             can be worn on spirit days because they were part of a fundraiser

                in which Cecilia Primary received money to support our students.





     Please remember to review the school and parish guidelines for proper dress code.

        Belts must be worn with the exception of Kindergarten and Pre-K students.

                                Shirts must be tucked in at all times.

                                     Mohawks will not be allowed




                                               Follow the BARK !





         - Be prepared
         - Act responsibly
         - Respect all
         - Keep Safe



je suis prêt à


Bien me comporter

Observer les règles de sécurité

Intéragir avec respect

Etre un bulldog responsable