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                                  SUPPLIES LIST 2017-2018




   Liste des fournitures scolaires 2017-2018




 $20 workbook/supply fee


 1 schoolbag Clear or mesh


 3 packs dry erase markers


 3 composition books


 2 notebooks (one subject- 70 pages-NOT college ruled)


 40 pencils (sharpened please)


 1 pack of crayons


 1 pack of colored pencils


 2 boxes of kleenex


 2 pocket folders


 3 sticks of glue


 1 pair of scissors (metal with rounded edges)


 1 plastic color box




 I have plenty of ziploc bags left from previous years,


 no need to buy any !!!




 Please, label all supplies with your child's name.


                     Specifically for FRENCH,

                 You will need :

                     * 1 composition book

                              for the daily journal.



                * coloring pencils 
                               I really prefer coloring pencils to crayons.

                     They are neater and can be erased in case of a mistake : )



                                    * Markers


                                    We will use markers a lot !



                  * glue sticks


                  Wish List 



           You can help providing these for the classroom :

                                            Wet wipes




                     Empty baby food jars for science experiments






 Printer ink



 Ref :

               EPSON 69   
                               yellow TO69420