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Hi everybody,


      Please make sure you are checking schoology, my website, and/or your email every night for homework and other important notices.  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to message or email me.

      Also, I just want to remind everyone that as we continue to learn, I will be adding study materials into folders for each unit we tackle in class.  These materials will help you study and stay organized.



See you all in class,

Ms. La Pelusa



Schoology Access Codes:


  • World History Pd. 1 - DMPG-NBG9-K3FFF


  • World History Pd. 2 - B766-57HH-G3WQM


  • World History Pd. 4 - PF9N-28W3-HZR7J


  • World History Pd. 5 - W4KD-B4XB-ZPN4C


  • U.S. History II Pd. 8 - V2Z5-M9JW-Q9X5V