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Welcome! My name is Mrs. Longenbach




   I have the pleasure of teaching Art  here at South Harrison Elementary School! I want to extend to you and your child my warmest welcome into my classroom. I am very excited about creating art and making our school a more creative and colorful place!


   My philosophy for learning is that each child is unique. One of my jobs as a teacher is to help your child discover his or her individuality and voice artistically and work with them to maximize it.  One of  my goals is to guide students as a community of learners who can be proud of their work and encourage one another in the art making process. The Roadrunner pillars of Respect, Responsibility and Kindness are empahasised in my class and help to identify who will be our class "Artist of the Week". Please feel free to contact me at any time. I can be reached through the main office (856) 769-0855 x 2107  or via e-mail ([email protected]).




Ps. Smocks are optional! If you would like to send your child in with a smock, you may. It will return home with your student after each art class!