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Hello parents! My name is Ms. Guillory, and I will be your child’s 4th grade science and social studies teacher. My goal is to create a positive learning environment to help them succeed academically.  I truly value any parental involvement in the classroom or with the school because this leads to better success for your child(ren). If you ever need to reach out to me with any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate.




In order to keep our classroom running smoothly it is important for these rules to be followed


  • Listening Bodies- I will listen and follow directions.
  • Raised Hands- I will raise my hand to share ideas.
  • Quiet Mouths- I will use a soft voice when told to do so.
  • Walking Feet- I will walk in school to be safe.
  • Helping Hands- I will use my hands for helping and not hurting.
  • Caring Hearts- I will use kind words.


Students who follow the rules can be rewarded with stickers, free time, and candy. Students who fail to follow rules can lose privileges such as recess.


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