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It's a new year!! This means we are moving into what I call "middle schoool mode."  Simply put, your children will be held more accountable and responsible for their work, assignments, grades, participation, and preparation!  I know it's barely January, but blink and you will have yourself a Gator in no time! My goal is to have your child as prepared and confident as possible when they transition on to the next level of their education.


This entails me being more "tough" on them:  late assignments will be late and penalized - 10 points per day (the only exception is an absence - 1 day absence means they can turn in their work 1 day late; 2 day absence means they can turn in their work 2 days late, etc.). We will be increasing the workload and their work will be graded more intently. Talk to your child if you would like to know more about the process of how to turn in late work and what the late penalty rule is.


With the recent changes in the dismissal schedules due to Covid, we will NOT be having reading logs to do at home; during 12:50 dismissals they will read in class and I will monitor their time. Once we go back to our regular dismissals, you will once again see the reading logs come home.   These are the ones that need to be completed and signed for full credit.  These reading logs will also not be able to be turned in late, as the same policy with other homework.


I am still sending home weekly newsletters that are full of important and helpful information! These news letters are also posted in my Google Classroom under the stream. My email is [email protected]. if you have any questions or concerns.