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My name is Bennie Dee Granger. I am so happy to be apart of CJH family.

About Me:

A little about me is I love my family. My wife and I have one daughter, Mickey,  who is wild and crazy. I love to cook, read, and all kinds of funky science experiments. And I can’t wait to see where this new year is going to take us all. 

My Class:

My teaching style is (touch it, feel it, break it). I beleive that sceince is a hands on subject and I try my hardest to teach it as such. in my class your child will be expected to do paper and pen work, computer work, and hands on experiments. I tell all my students I WANT THE WRONG ANSWER. This is because in science without the wrong answers they can not learn. 

Requirments NOT Rules:

In my class I do not have rules, because as a middle schooler if  someone gave me rules I was looking for the first way to break them. I am at school more than my home, so I tell my students when they walked into my classroom the are walking into my and in my home i have 3 requirments.

1. Respect

2. Responsibilty

3. Integrity

 As long as they do these thing they can stay in my house, if now the door is open to leave. 

My Schedule:

Skinny 7:45-8:19                  

Planning Period 8:21-9:21

Classes 3rd - 6th 9:24-3:05

My contact infomation:

Bennie Dee Granger

(337) 667-6226 ext:3923

1038 School St, Breaux Bridge, LA 70517

[email protected]

Science Fair:

I am the chair person for the Sceince fair for CJH. If there nay question please do not hesitate to contact me at any time. ALL 7th grade are required to do science fair. There will be a school science fair, the winner will go on to the parish sceince fair and so on.