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Discipline Plan and Conduct

Conduct sheets will go home daily in their folders. Please review, initial, and discuss behavior with your student. Weekly averaged conduct grades from the previous week will go home with graded test papers on Wednesdays. 

Classroom Expectations:

  • Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible
  • Be Safe
  • Be Kind


  • Academic Success
  • Bark Bucks
  • Treasure Box with treats, toys, and extra privilege tickets inside
  • Verbal or written praise


  • Verbal Warning
  • Conduct mark with teacher redirection (1st conduct mark)
  • Loss of privileges (2nd-3rd conduct marks)
  • Phone call home (4th conduct mark)
  • Office referral (5th conduct mark)



Homework will be assigned Monday-Thursday. Students and parents can locate the assigned homework on the back of their conduct sheets. Please also encourage your student to read nightly as practice will help them grow as readers and thinkers.


Test Papers

Students will get a test paper folder sent home weekly on Wednesdays with grades from the previous week. This must be signed weekly by a parent or guardian and returned to school by Friday of the same week as an acknowledgement that you are aware of your student’s academic progress.

Grading Scale:

A                  93-100

B                  85-92

C                  75-84

D                  67-74

F                  66-below



Daily attendance is important for your student’s academic success. However, students do get sick, and emergencies happen. Below is the parish attendance policy that will be followed.

Excused Absences: will receive full credit if excuse is received within 3 days

Unexcused Absences: will be allowed to make up work and tests missed; however, they will only receive 80% of the score earned

Suspensions: will be allowed to make up missed assignments; however, they will only receive 70% of the score earned



If your student will be going home a method other than their normal, please send a note. Students will not be allowed to board a different bus or leave with someone different without a parent letter.



I hope you are ready for a wonderful school year! Teche Elementary and I are committed to making your child’s school year successful, happy, healthy, and safe. If you need anything from me, please feel free to reach out and let me know!