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Physical Education


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  • Summer

Physical Education Grading Policy

We recognize that each student is unique in their level of physical fitness, motor development, and interests. The grading policy is to ensure that all students receive an appropriate grade by participating and giving their best effort in ALL activities. 


Preparedness: Student is ready, with appropriate P.E. attire (*sneakers).

Participation/Effort: Student is actively engaged in activities to the best of their individual ability.

Assessment: Students will fill out exit tickets at the end of specific classes, students will demonstrate skills, teacher will observe that students apply skill cues(steps) taught. 


Medical Excuse: A student may be exempt from physical education class with a physician's note, specifying the length of time to be exempted. This request is checked by the classroom teacher, physical education teacher and school nurse. A written note from the doctor should be submitted for the student to resume all PE activities. 



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