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 Helpful Tips for Staying Healthy this School Year:


1. Frequent hand washing is the BEST way to prevent and combat the spread of germs! Wash hands often with lots of soap and water or hand sanitizer. (Pro Tip: Sing the Happy Birthday song twice to wash long enough.)

2. Cover coughs and sneezes with an elbow or arm. Then wash your hands! Even if wearing a mask, continue to sneeze and/or cough covering your mouth with your elbow and change your mask as soon as you can. 

3. Do not share drinks, food, or unwashed utensils.

4. Get plenty of rest, eat healthy foods, drink lots water and eat healthy drinks (soda doesn’t count!)

5. Avoid people that are sick and stay home when you are sick.

6. Disinfect surfaces that are touched often (ex. pens, phones, computer keyboards, door knobs).

7. Get your immunizations like the flu shot. For more information, visit or call 1-800-CDC-INFO for the most current information about the flu.

If you do not feel well-PLEASE STAY HOME! Thank you for your consideration of others when your student might be sick/contagious.

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