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Miss Endaz

2E Room 210





We are better together!! 


I am so excited to have you in second grade this year!

We are going to have an AMAZING year together, filled with learning and growing.

I'm so excited to see what we will accomplish together.


I am really looking forward to getting to know you this year. The second grade teachers have many fun and exciting activities planned throughout the school year.  Please check each teacher’s individual website page for an overview of what will be studied during each month and for important dates pertaining to 2nd grade and Memorial School.  


Your child will be given an agenda to write down nightly homework.  Please check the agenda and initial it each night.  The agenda serves as a great source of parent-teacher communication as well.  Please feel free to write any notes or questions in the agenda.   


Chromebooks will travel back and forth to and from school each day.  Each child has been provided with a case and a charger. Please charge the Chromebook each night.  Chargers can be placed inside the pocket of the case.  Your child’s email address and password has been taped to the inside cover of his/her agenda and the inside of their Chromebooks. 


Login codes for Seesaw and Raz Kids will be sent home in your child’s homework folder.   


Just a reminder any absences, vacations, dismissal changes, etc. please contact the main office along with contacting the teacher via email.  


Miss Endaz's email address: [email protected]





Reader’s & Writer’s Workshop:

Fables & Fairy Tales:  Reading fables & fairy tales, learning the elements within both types of genre, writing our own fable & fairy tale 


Characteristics of Fables


* short story with very few characters, 

*a lesson or moral is learned from the fable


Characteristics of Fairy Tales 

*Takes place in the past

*Begins with Once upon a time…

*Good & evil characters

*Fantasy or make believe elements

*Magical Elements

*Enchanted Settings: Castle, Kingdom, Enchanted forest

*Things happen in 3’s or 7’s (Three Little Pigs, Three Wishes, Seven Dwarfs)

*Central message or moral of a story 


Word Study/Fundations

*Unit 15: Vowel Teams oo, ou, ue & ew   

*Unit 16: Vowel Teams au and aw



*Topic 12: Measuring Length

*Topic 13: Shapes and Their Attributes


Social Studies/Science: 

*Living Things

*Natural Resources


*Memorial Day

*Scholastic News


*We are continuing to write and send out letters to our Pen Pals


Important Dates for May:

Thursday, May 26: Single Session Day

Thursday, May 26:  Patriotic Day: Wear Red, White, and Blue

Friday, May 27: School Closed for Memorial Day Weekend

Tuesday, May 24:  Mad Science In House Field Trip

Monday, May 30:  School Closed for Memorial Day

Tuesday, May 31: Field Day

Wednesday, June 1: Field Day Rain Date


Thank you for your continued support with nightly homework and checking agendas.