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Course Information

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Health & P.E. 

Name: Dewayne Williams

Classroom: G1


Classroom ext. 1462


 Lunch Hr 11:29A.M.-11:59A.M

 Email: [email protected]








We Aim for Excellence at Wossman High School


(1) We are dedicated to high standards for ourselves and the students we teach.


(2) We believe in making positive relationships between teachers, administrators, parents and students.


(3) We know that connecting positive relationships with effective instruction leads to positive RESULTS!




                                                      Course Description:

Physical Education classes are designed to practice and develop skills in activities that will help students maintain fitness throughout their lifetime.  Early in the fall, student's will have their fitness levels assessed in the following areas: cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, muscular strength and muscular endurance.  From these assessments, we will develop a baseline in which we will use to set personal fitness goals.  We will explore fitness activities designed to improve all areas of fitness.  Our goal is that by the end of the year the students will have improved their scores on their fitness tests. Students will be introduced to life-long activities designed to increase their likelihood of exercising in the future. Students will also have a better understanding of the benefits that regular exercise can provide for a their mental, physical, and social health.   



                                                  Classroom Rules/Consequences
1. Be On Time. (Students have 5 minutes after the bell to change clothes.) 3 tardies = lunch detention and loss of points.
2. Be Prepared. (Students are required to wear tennis shoes and clothing that is appropriate for exercise.)
3. Follow teachers directions the first time they are given.
4. Respect your teacher and classmates in words and actions.




Requirements:  Students participation is a must! This is an activity-based class therefore students should expect to be active during the class period.  Students should be prepared to openly experience new activities.  Remember to be safe, responsible, respectful and to have fun!





            5 points = attendance


            5 points = dress out


            10 points = participation


            20 points each day



            20 points X 5 days a week = 100 points each week