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Welcome to Science Class!  Please know that in these unusual times, some aspects of class have changed, and may continue to change as the school year progresses.  It is important that students check Google Classroom each day for updates and reminders.


Our primary instructional resource is the TCI program.  Most classwork, homework, and assessments will be completed and submitted online in TCI, so it can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection.  The student login page is linked below.


For all announcements, homework reminders, and additional materials, please check the appropriate Google Classroom.  Daily announcements and upcoming Due Dates can be seen on the left-hand side on the "Stream" tab.  Additional materials can be found in the "Classwork" tab.


Please do not hesitate to contact me with any concerns or questions at

or via the Hamburg School number: 973-827-7570 (Voicemail Ext: 409)


Google Classroom Links:


Grade 5 Science (Carney homeroom)


Grade 5 Science (Dean homeroom)


Grade 6 Science


Grade 7 Science


Grade 8 Science 


Other Useful Links:


TCI Student Login page


Information about Grading, Homework, Materials, etc.



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Link to Hamburg School website:


Link to Hamburg staff directory: