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Larisa Gray

English I Teacher

Room 63

Ponchatoula High School


Welcome students and parents to the 20-21 school year.


On this website you will find the course syllabus, lesson materials, and links to online learning tools. This site will be complete on or before August 24th. 


All English I students at PHS will read two novels and one play this year:

  • A Lesson Before Dying
  • The Joy Luck Club
  • Romeo and Juliet.

These texts will be provided to each student, along with additional related texts as we move through each unit.


The primary domains for learning in this course include:


  • Vocabulary Acquisition--please go to and sign up for a free account.
  • Reading Comprehension and Analysis
  • Standard Language Usage--Speaking and Writing
  • Writing Skills--Short Constructed and Extended Constructed Responses
  • Speaking and Listening--evidence of reading comprehension, analysis, and standard language usage


If you have any questions, please email me at