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Welcome to Second Grade Math!

Burch Charter School of Excellence

Ms. Morton



Topic 5 Virtual Assessment is due Friday, February 5th.  


We will begin Topic 6 on February 8th.


Topic 6 covers:


Fluently Subtract Within 100

What are strategies for subtracting numbers to 100?


We will focus on:


Regrouping 1 Ten for 10 Ones

Models to Subtract 2-Digit and 1-Digit Numbers

Subtract 2-Digit and 1-Digit Numbers

Models to Subtract 2-Digit Numbers

Subtract 2-Digit Numbers

Use Addition to Check Subtraction

Practice Subtracting

Solve One-Step and Two-Step Problems


Daily exit tickets and homework assignments are posted in Google Classoom.


If your child misses a class, all lessons and recorded and uploaded on Google Classroom.


Weekly Assignment outlines are posted weekly on both ClassDojo and Google Classroom.  Assignments must be completed inorder to receive a grade.  Missing assignments are entered into the gradebook as a 55.


Please email me or send a message on ClassDojo with any questions or concerns.