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Happy New Year!

Important Dates for February:


February 1st and 2nd we will be MAP Testing.

Map testing is important for us to see your child's growth thus far in the school year. 

Similar to IReady testing - your child should be completing this assessment independtly. This will ensure your child's test results are accurate and help us  assist your child at their instructional level.


School will be closed on February 12-15 in observence of Presidents Day.


The School Board Meeting will be held on: 2/8


Parent University will be held on: 2/16


Night with the Chief School Adminastrator will be on : N/A


Progress Reports will be distributed on: March 2




Our grading policy in the classroom has changed !

Homework assignments must be submitted by sunday at 5 pm for the week prior in order to recieve credit. 


Homework and Reading logs will NOT be allowed to be made up.


I will accept all other assignments up to a month late. 

1 week late- student will lose 10 points

2 weeks late- student will lose 20 points

3 weeks late- students will loose 30 points

4 weeks late- student will loose 40 points

After 1 calender month work will no longer be accepted and student will recieve a 55.

** if there are extenuating circumstances acceptions can be made. Please contact me at  if you need further assistance.**


Navigating google classroom can be tricky! Please make sure to check under our classwork section for the Homework assignments ( most days there are none!!) as well as our Classwork assignments. Most nights your students only homework is to complete our daily classwork, and Read! You should be reading :

10 minutes- Monday

15 minutes- Tuesday

20 minutes- Wednesday

15 minutes- Thursday

10 minutes- Friday.


Please make sure you are completing your reading log nightly!


Late work will be accepted up to a week past the orginal due date for full credit (while virtual learning). After that it will lose points each day it is late. If there is an extenuating circumstance please contact me at or send a message on class dojo!



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