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Week of January 19, 2021

No school on Monday, January 18 for MLK. 

CKLA: Unit 4- review sounds, two-syllable words, compound words, review contractions, past, present, and future tense

Language: commas in dates and places

Wit & Wisdom: Module 3- writing a narrative writing on one of the stories in the book "Feelings" and starting the book "Gilberto and the Wind"

Math: Unit 3 Lesson 15- Add Three Numbers
Science:  Concept 3.3- Sunlight


Important Reminders

 - Library day is every Thursday. Please make sure your child has their library book and black folder in their book sack for library day. 

- Students usually do not have homework unless he or she misses school or there was an assignment that was not completed in class.  Sometimes, students will have fluency homework and there are parent letters that are sent home to be completed at home with family. The homework will be in the yellow daily folder in the pocket that states, "Return to school."  Please have your child complete those at home and return to school. 

-Red test folders will be sent home every Wednesday. Please look over the graded papers. Keep the graded papers at home if they are in the pocket that states, "Keep at home." If there are D or F papers, they will be in the pocket that states, "Return to school." Sign the papers and return them back to school. Lastly, please sign the back of the red test folder, and return it the following day. 


If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact me through email or through the Remind App. My email is