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2020-21 Chinese Program Expectation and Course Outlines



For effective language learning and higher language proficiency,

“motivation” has long been one of the most important factors.

Your interest,

 the perception of its usefulness,

 the desire to achieve,





 the approval of parents
or others, etc.


 will greatly impact your success of language learning.




It’s a new beginning, a fresh, bright year.
So open your mind, and push out the fear.
Enjoy your days at school for the 2020-2021!



COURSE:    Chinese 7 & Chinese 8

 TEACHER:   Lisa HC Chang  (email: 




Course: Content Topics

2020-21 Chinese 7 Themed Topics

Unit 1: Welcome & Introduction
Unit 2: Dates, Colors & Shapes
Unit 3: School Life
Unit 4: Weather, Clothing & Hobbies

2020-21 Chinese 8 Themed Topics

Unit 1: Transportation & Time
Unit 2: Vacation
Unit 3: House & Furniture
Unit 4: Animals