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Bienvenue à la classe de langue française ! - Welcome to our French-immersion class !


6ème, 7ème et 8ème grades !





                                                                          Students, you will have to BARK !

    - Be always prepared
                                                                         - Act responsibly all the time
       - Respect everyone
                                                                           - Keep Safe



 Here are rules once you are in the immersion-classroom. Merci. Monsieur Arnaud



01.       I will always speak in the target language : French!

02.       When I return to class, I quietly sit down and am ready to work.

03.       I do not get up without the teacher's permission.

04.       I raise my hand in order to speak or to ask a question.

05.       I positively participate.

06.       I listen to the instructions and to my classmates.

07.       If I do not understand something, I ask for another explanation.

08.       I sit properly in my chair and do not chew or play.

09.       I pay attention to the lesson.

10.       I do not disturb the class and I remain respectful. I am here to learn, not to fool around.