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CJH Mission Statement

"The Cecilia Junior High School community prepares students for a dynamic society through rigorous academic, coupled with an investment in their social development."



PBIS Expectations

B - Be ready to learn

A - Act responsibly                                                               

R - Respect yourself and others

K - Keep safety first



Grade Scale

A: 100-93

B: 92-85

C: 84-75

D: 74-67

F: 66-0


Daily Schedule

Skinny: 7:45-8:19

1st Hr ELA: 8:21-9:21

2nd Hr ELA: 9:24-10:24

3rd Hr ELA: 10:27-11:27

Planning: 11:30-1:00

5th Hr Enrichment: 1:03-2:03

6th Hr ELA: 2:06-3:06