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Welcome to Mr. Hammond's 8th Grade American History class!!!





 Google Classroom codes:

Period 1 - drtxg22

Period 3 - onf2g3u

Period 4 - adeifuv

Period 6 - np362cf








- American History from the post-Reconstruciton period through the 1970's.

  During the year, students will investigate the following units:


  • The Development of the Industrialized United States 1870-1920
  • The Emergence of Modern America 1890-1930
  • The Great Depression and World War II 1929-1950
  • Post War United States 1945-1970's


- Writing and critical thinking will be utilized throughout the school year to help prepare students for ongoing education in future years.





In Person:                             Virtual:                     

Pen/Pencil                            Computer/laptop

Notebook                              Notebook

Textbook (Classroom)           Textbook (or online version - see below)

Agenda book                         

Binder and/or folder




- Tests, quizzes, projects = 70%

- Assignments & homework = 30 % 



 Online Textbook: