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¡Hola! Welcome to Spanish Class. My name is Paola Florido and I will be teaching CP Spanish I and CP Spanish II this year.  I am a former graduate of Egg Harbor Township and I am very excited to be back! I was born in Colombia and I am a native speaker, and I can't wait to share my culture and my language with all the students. Let's have a great year! 

Please click the links on the right for resources, virtual information, rules and expectations. 

Virtual classes will be delivered via Google Classroom and Google Meet. 


Here is my schedule while we are doing virtual instruction:



7:30-7:37 am             "Homeroom"--Check email, check Google notifications, check Google Classroom      
7:37-8:08 am              Period 1-- CP Spanish I, section 8344-11    
8:13-8:44                   Period 2-- CP Spanish I, section 8344-22     
8:49-9:20                   Period 3--  Teacher Prep Period     
9:25-9:56                   Period 4-- CP Spanish II, section 8354-34    
10:01-10:32               Period 5-- VIRTUAL HELP    
10:37-11:08               Period 6-- PLC Meetings Period (I will be in meetings with other teachers)    
11:13-11:44               Period 7-- CP Spanish II, section 8354- 57    
11:49-12:20               Period 8-- CP Spanish II, section 8354- 88    
12:20-1:05                 LUNCH PERIOD       








                                TUESDAY                  WEDNESDAY               THURSDAY               FRIDAY        
1:08-1:33                Period 1 or 2                Period 3                     Period 5                    Period 7        
1:35-2:00                Period 2 or 3                Period 5                     Period 7                     Period 1        

 2:00-2:20                Virtual Help                 Virtual Help               Virtual Help            Virtual Help

                                 (any period)               (any period)               (any period)            (any period)


If you need to reach me the best way is via email at: 

Phone number: 609-653-0100 ext: 5485. Room C204.



Google Classroom Codes: 


CP Spanish I , section 8344-11 (period 1): 7cvnx7g

CP Spanish I, section 8344-22 (period 2): qbaqgoo

CP Spanish II, section 8354-34 (period 4): jifq7nt

CP Spanish II, section 8354-57 (period 7): qpw7tej

CP Spanish II, section 8354-88 (period 8): p2cwo6o