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Dear Patrick McGaheran Families,

On the right hand side of the screen, you will see a list of pages for my website.  Please click on "Remote Learning”, find the current week, and click the link (PDF).  It will bring you to lessons from all Unified Arts teachers that your child will complete at home.  


Throughout the week, students should complete all of the activities for their grade level.  Pick one or two specials a day and complete those activities. This will give your child the fifteen minutes of specials each day (per the district letter that you received).  Parents, please email me if your child wishes to share about a task they have completed. As always, if you have any questions and/or concerns, or you just want to say "Hello!", please reach out to me.


During the regular functioning school year, I hang the students' artwork up in the hallways of the school.  I wanted to continue this while we are all at home. This is optional of course! Please email me a picture of your child's artwork and I will post it on my website in the link call "PMG's Virtual Hallway." I will not post names just the artwork.


To add more to your remote learning I will continue to add worksheets and resources. Art has always been that one thing I could do to help with stress and I feel we can all use a little stress relief right now. Some of the resourses include virtual field trips to Museums, Zoos and even Mars as well as doodling with Mo Willems!

If you have any questions and/or concerns, please feel free to contact me via email at

Stay Safe,
Mrs. Julie Bruen








My name is Mrs. Bruen.  I am the Art Teacher at Patrick McGarheran School. I am very excited to teach and create with our Kindergarten through Second grade students this year! 




Mrs. Julie Bruen, Teacher of Art

Patrick McGaheran School

(908) 735-5151 Ext. 126