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Welcome to Mrs. Butler's

Health, Physical Education & Intro to Athletic Training



2021 -2022


RFH Physical Education Q1 Syllabus:






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I know this year may look and feel different, but please know that we are dedicated to providing our students a memorable, interactive and fun learning experience.  Our focus will still be to ensure every student, every day is safe and comfortable, feels valued and cared for, and is excited about learning!  





 Please refer to and carefully read your schedule to determine your Q1 PE Teacher.  If you have Butler listed as your Q1 PE Teacher, please refer to the Google Classroom Codes below and get signed into Google Classroom right away!   



1st Marking Period Schedule  


Period 2 - Physical Education 12 - Gym 

Google Classroom Code: bpnkips



Period 4 - Physical Education 09 - Gym

Google Classroom Code: mfzu5oy


Period 6 - Physical Education 09 -Gym

Google Classroom Code: cildghj




Period 7 - Intro to Athletic Training - Room 410

Google Classroom Code: 6iwuqxc


Period 8 - Physical Education - Gym

Google Classroom Code: z5wjwiw



Student Assistance Hours

Monday - Thursday 2:40-3:10PM


RFH Physical Education Q1 Syllabus