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Welcome to English II Honors!


During the course of the year, we will focus on the study of language and literature to enhance the literacy capacities and higher-order critical thinking skills needed for the 21st Century. We will read and respond to canonical and contemporary works of American literature that provide insight into different aspects of the American cultural experience and ongoing social issues in modern American society.


Please don't hesistate to talk to me if you have any questions or concerns!

Ms. Schuld - [email protected] x859 



Extra Help Time & Location:

Monday - Thursday 7:15-7:45am: Room 301

Monday - Friday 2:00-2:40pm: LRC


*To ensure I am not already working with another student, Extra Help appointments are encouraged, though not required!*  


Helpful Documents:

English II Honors Syllabus

EN II (H) Q2 Syllabus



Use Google Classroom to access our other shared documents.