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Students will be assessed both formally and informally through observation, quizzes, hands-on lessons and projects.  Students will work as individuals, in team settings and as an entire class. Daily participation in art activities will be vital to the student’s learning. Students are expected to have a positive attitude, to participate, help others, assist in clean up, etc.  The following is a break-down of the grading system:
Participation – assessments of overall participation, cooperation, diligence and preparation.
Projects – students will complete several projects each Marking Period. Each project must be turned in to receive a grade. Projects are worth up to 100 points and are based upon:
  • Technical criteria for each project as explained in the project’s rubric. 
  • Craftsmanship – Is the project done to the best of the student's ability? Have they skillfully used art tools, techniques and media? Did they follow proper procedures/directions?
  • Effort and Citizenship - did the student take their time to develop their ideas and complete the project, use class time in an efficient manner, clean up supplies, help others? 
Quizzes – Short quizzes may be given to assess student comprehension of information such as the elements/principles of art, techniques, and interesting facts about the artist, culture or inspiration for the project.