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Art provides an opportunity for students to experience a different atmosphere from the standard academic classroom settings. It can be fun, relaxing, messy, social, exciting, and many other potentially new and sometimes out of the ordinary experiences.  In order for us to accomplish all that I have planned in a safe manner, there are some rules for our Art Room just as there are for any other classroom. 
  • Safety – listen, follow instructions and think before you use anything in the room.    I will always explain techniques and safe handling of materials before we begin.
  • Respect everything – fellow classmates, the teacher, the facility, materials and equipment; treat supplies with care so we can continue to use them.  Equipment broken on purpose or due to misuse or irresponsibility will be replaced at your own expense.
  • Clean up messes – even if you did not make them!  Be a community contributor -it is part of your grade.
  • Follow directions, participate positively, and follow student expectations.
  • Relax and enjoy it - nothing is perfect…especially art.  Mistakes lead to creative solutions.
  • Ask yourself, ask a friend, then ask me – if you have a question you think I might have already covered - think about it yourself, then ask your neighbors and then ask me. (This will keep me from realizing you were not paying attention!)


As a member of Mrs. Pollison’s class I will exhibit the following conduct:

  •  Show respect to myself, others, our classroom and the supplies.
  • Be prepared and give my best effort.
  • Conduct myself in an appropriate and mature manner which will allow every student, including me, to learn and be creative.


If I choose to break the rules of conduct there are consequences, depending upon the severity of the infraction: 
  •  Warning
  • Change of seats
  • Office referral
  • Detention and Phone call home
  • Parent/Teacher conference  


An absence is not an excuse to have incomplete work.  You are responsible for all assignments, quizzes, and exams.  If there is an extenuating circumstance it is your responsibility to talk with me to determine if there is an alternative solution.  If you are absent on a quiz or exam day, you will take the make-up exam the next school day and you are still responsible for any other work that you miss.


I enjoy encouraging the creative process by having school appropriate music playing in our classroom provided students are meeting the classroom expectations. 
Think before you speak.  Positive comments are acceptable and encouraged, negative comments have no place in our room and, while using inappropriate words may be a normal mode of conversation with your friends, it is neither appropriate nor acceptable in our school or classroom.  
No chewing gum in the classroom.
Wipe up spills immediately.
My favorite color is a secondary color you get by mixing all the primary colors except red.
My second favorite is the color between blue and red on the color wheel.