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 Watch our Art Gallery slideshows for a sampling of our Art by grade.


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Sixth Grade:  The Jungles are rich with trees and wildlife.  We'll be discovering some unknown birds in the canopy that we will be documenting as well as art depicting scenes in the night.  We will also learn about and create some 3-D canopic jars with a heiroglyphic cartouche. 


 Seventh Grade:  Art is not confined to paintings to and here  we are delving into masks  to  create new and interesting  mask designs using colorful scratch paper.  We will also  be creating interesting images over a collage of book pages and some artist-inspired images.


Eighth Grade:  Creating realistic-looking images will be a breeze once we review the subtleties of light and shadow.  We will be using that knowledge to create some very delicious looking food after being inspired by Wayne Thibaud. Yum!  After that, we will be creating Steam Punk Animals based on the romantic Victorian Age and Industrialism and making a sculpture out of clay.



"Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely"

                                                                                                                      August Rodin