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There is so much happening

        in Art, in cultures and in the world around us! 


We will be using the Elements of Art (color, line, shape, space, value, texture, form) and the Principles of Design (pattern, rhythm/movement, emphasis, variety, balance, proportion, unity) to create a myriad of works of art inspired by all of those things throughout the year. 


Work will proudly be displayed around the school, at Youth Art Month events, Online Museum and who knows where else so keep your eyes peeled!

 "The greatest glory resides not in never failing,

but in rising every time we fall."

                                                                     Vincent van Gogh


Other things:  


- Personal Art Supplies for home could include:  

Pencils, eraser and sharpener, a dark permanent marker (black, purple or blue), set of 8 markers (like crayola), 8-12 colored pencil set (or crayons for PK-2nd) plus a few sheets of unlined drawing/painting paper at home. 


If you already have some of these items in your personal school supplies there's no need to duplicate them. If you are unable to secure the items, please email me asap [email protected] and I will try to provide a bag for you in the event of a quarantine.  Thanks so much! 


- We will continue to use Google Art Classrooms for assignment information. 


- As always, if you have any questions about your Art projects, please email me at: [email protected]