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Welcome Back! 2022-2023


This is Ms. Nieradka's ELA class!  We will work towards improving our reading, writing, and communication skills through fiction, non-fiction, poetry, videos, films, and more!


Here a few important reminders for you and your students:


I update my gradebook weekly, if not more often, so please view your students' most up-to-date grade on Parent Portal. I do not use the grading feature in Google Classroom, so please do not follow your students' grade on Classroom. 



Homework is given every week night, which consists of independent reading and studying of vocabulary, and possibly completion of unfinished classwork. ELA homework should take about 30 minutes to complete at the most.


Contacting Me

Students are encouraged to ask for help on assignments. Comments on Google Classroom and/or email must be sent during school hours (8:30am-3:31pm) in order to be seen. Comments/email sent after school hours will be checked the following morning. If your student would like to schedule a time for extra help, I am available before or after school. Please give me at least one day's notice for extra help requests. 

[email protected]