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If any student or parent needs to reach me my email is



Extra Help

I am available any day before school starting at about 7:15 or 7:30. I also stay after school as well. If you need any help or to make up a lab you need to coordinate with me what time/day to come in. 


  • Materials needed for class EVERYDAY:
    •  At least one pen, pencil and highlighter
    • A binder that includes :
      • A folder
      • A spiral notebook
  • Grading:
    • Grading policy will be based on total points that are placed into weighted categories.
      • Tests and Quizzes – 50%
      • Labs and activities – 35%
      • Homework and classwork – 10%
      • Participation and preparedness – 5%
  • Late work policy: any work handed in past the assigned due date will receive less than the total possible credit. It will be a zero until the work has been handed in.
  • All work must be neat with the student’s name, period and the date the assignment is due at the top. If necessary the student must also put the title of the assignment at the top as well.
  • Every student should find at least one classmate that will be a reliable source to tell them what notes or assignments they missed in class if they were absent. **You will be responsible for any missed work or notes if absent for any reason.
  • Labs: All students in all lab groups will make sure that their work area is cleaned up and all materials are put away in their proper places before class ends.
  •  If a student is absent on the day a lab is done that student will either speak to me the next school day, or e-mail me at to find out how they can, or if they can, make up the lab.
  • Website: For my classes I will have a Google Classroom website to post homework assignments, notes, review material, etc. Once you receive your entrance code into the website you will be able to view everything I put up there. My MHS web page will be still be used but it will only have homework and some other important links. My Google Classroom site will have HW, study guides for tests, any announcements (for example if there is anything special that needs to be known for upcoming classes), etc.
  • Phones: There is a no cell phone policy during class. You will have a Chromebook so there is no reason to use a phone in class. The only time it is allowed is if the teacher tells you it is ok. You will be warned the first time it is seen and it will be taken the second time it is seen.