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Current Events:


March 16: 


Dear parents,

                Due to unforeseen circumstances, school is currently being cancelled from March 16, 2020 through April 13, 2020.  This is a follow-up letter due to that announcement. I have put together packets for your child to complete over the next few weeks for ELA/Math, so we can keep them learning while at home in preparation for the LEAP when they return to school. As of right now, students will be testing on the LEAP when they return from this break.


                In regards to Math, I will be sending home their workbooks. See attached grade level for more information. I know this is a lot of information to cover over four weeks, but this is to cover in the event that we are out school for another extended period of time. Also, they have the option of logging into Freckle and Clever to have a more interactive Math experience. I have attached log-in information to this letter for these interactive options.


               In regards to ELA, I have printed out packets for students to complete. Again, they have the option to complete ELA practice on Freckle. Freckle is a great option because it assigns assignments based off of their individual needs. If you have any questions, ANY questions at all. Please reach out to me at 225-276-0318 or through E-mail at [email protected].


            I will post answers daily for sixth math to use to help guide your child throughout the workbook and packets. Packets will include answer key.



Ms. Gabrielle Felps, MAHS Middle School SPED Teacher


LOG-IN Information:



Dear parent(s),


These are some website options for your child to use at home to work on extra Math and ELA since I usually do not assign homework. If your child has trouble logging in, please E-mail me at: [email protected]




1)>They will use their logins that they use to get on the computers at school to login into Clever; Go to iReady, and click on lesson that is under myPath (This is great practice to work on fundamental Math skills that they need to work on based on your child’s Math Diagnostic score)


2) -> Click student login


Student will type in code based on their grade:


Sixth grade: felpsv


Seventh grade: felpsc


Eighth grade: felpsf


Once they type in their code, they will type in their first and last name.


They can do practice on ELA or Math; when at home they will click on the subject and do any practice that is listed. They do not work on assignments in their backpack on Freckle. (We usually work on those in class together or independently.)






Ms. Felps


Maurepas Middle School SPED Teacher