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Beautiful Things Come Together One Stitch At A Time....


Hello and welcome to the 2023/24 School Year!!!  If you would like to learn about the history of clothing and fashion, textiles, wardrobe planning, ways of repairing, constructing and redesigning clothing, understanding elements of principles of design and learn about careers in the fashion industry, then these classes are for you!



Clothing Design I:  This course will emphasize fashion for today's student, including historical fashion as well as current trends. Students will complete accessory/garment projects, while utilizing construction techniques with the use of advanced technological equipment.

Course of Study:  Understanding Clothing, Understanding Fashion, Textiles and Apparel Through the Years, Principles of Design, Color Theory, Basic Hand Sewing Skills, Measuring and Fitting Techniques, Understanding the Pattern, Demonstration of all Sewing Equipment,

Layout and Cutting Techniques, Garment Construction & Planning a Wardrobe. 


Clothing Design II:  This course is designed to extend the competencies gained in Clothing I.  Students will further explore fashion, fabric, and advanced sewing techniques.  Designing principles will be put into practice for advanced garment construction projects. 

Course of Study:  A Closer Look at Fashion Design, The Worldwide Apparel Industry, Choices as a Consumer, Advanced Garment Construction & Careers in Fashion.