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Welcome to Social Studies! My name is Ms. Matrisciano and I am teaching 7th grade Social Studies on Team G! Here is what you can expect in our class this year:


What will we be learning?

Throughout the school year, we will learn about European exploration, the growth of the Thirteen Colonies, the causes and effects of the Revolutionary War, and the development of the United States of America as an independent nation.

You can also expect to learn various skills such as critical thinking, collaborative learning, writing and research strategies, chronological thinking, and many other skills.  


What is expected of me in class?

  • Be prepared! Come into class with all materials and be ready to learn.
  • Get started! Begin the do now activity once you are settled in your assigned seat.
  • Stay organized! Keep your class materials organized and easy to access.
  • Be respectful!
  • Follow all classroom rules!


How will I be graded?

Tests / Large Projects                                  50%

Quizzes / Small Projects                               40%

Homework / Participation / Classwork            10%


What do I do if I'm absent?

You are still responsible for making up the work, so please see me when you are back in school!  You can also check the homework page on the website or Google Classroom.


How do I contact you?

Email - 

Please give me 12-24 hours to respond to your email! :)